apollo (written at the apollo 3/15/97)
one time
some time
back in time
cotton' club stompin'
duke ellington doin' a little somethin' somethin'
but everything ain't cool like dat
only whites in the audience/
drama was tense like dat
just so in 1997
some poet/rapper/singer
funk bringer/can swing a
everybody be feeling
jimi/purple hazin'
grace/kept pace
with oppression
no foot shufflin'
just high steppin'/like apollo dancers
the host asks a rising star/what you gonna do tonight
james brown answers
i'm gonna get on
the good foot/
what happened/don't understand
look up on the stage/in the spotlight/
it's the sandman/more legacy manifest/
hearts beating through chest
as hands touch the log
indoctrinated into years of tradition
in a swift run of palm over wood/harlem is the hood
renaissance in black/where the party at
with the voices and dancing feet
it's later on tonight/on a 125th st.